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Fast, Accurate Divorce Answers with Our Video FAQs

Divorce is complicated. We’ve gathered some of our clients’ most common questions and answered them in short videos for your convenience. If you still have questions after looking into our video resources, please reach out to Von Dohlen Law Firm to schedule a consultation.

Do you have questions about children and travel in a divorce situation?
Can I keep my retirement if I get divorced?
What happens if the children I’m paying child support for live in or move to another state?
In the state of Texas, what are the requirements for filing a divorce?
What is a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship SAPCR?
Who gets to keep the house in a divorce?
If I pay child support, can I get the credit on my tax returns?
What is a geographical restriction in a divorce decree?
How is child custody determined in a divorce?
If my ex-spouse and I cannot agree on how to handle the division of our assets
How does mediation work during the divorce process?
Who gets to keep the dog in the divorce?
How is child support determined by the Texas courts?
What should I do if I suspect my spouse is hiding assets in preparation for a divorce?
How long do I have to pay spousal maintenance for in Texas?
What does the divorce process look like in Texas?
What is a standard possession order SPO?
In Texas, what is the process for adopting my stepchild?
What is the difference between uncontested and contested divorces?
We are in love and engaged to be married Why would we need a prenup?
What has to happen in order to modify the child support I am currently paying?
Introducing Robert Von Dohlen – Texas Attorney
In Texas, how long does the divorce process take?
What is spousal maintenance and how is it determined by the courts in Texas?
Do I automatically pay child support if I have children in Texas?
What are my options if my ex-spouse is not paying child support as they were ordered?