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Our goal has always been to find the most effective, stress-free, and time-efficient solutions for each client’s needs. Check out our testimonials below and find out what our clients have to say about Von Dohlen Law Firm–and then contact us to set up your own consultation.

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I had a child support issue and I was still could not be settled I took the problem to Robert and he fixed it he was patient he understood he took his time and he got me everything I asked for I was very satisfied and I would recommend his services to anyone.

SjhunBest lawyer in Town

Robert worked hard and swiftly on my divorce case. He stayed in constant communication and really helped to guide me in a good direction. I really appreciate his hard work and efforts to assist me

Jamie Extremely Competent Attorney

As a father of young children, I was very nervous about finding an attorney to represent me in my divorce. I’m very grateful to have found Robert Von Dohlen and his wonderful team! Robert represented me with great dedication and professionalism. He is a straight shooter that doesn’t sugar coat anything and you can truly trust in his advice. His calm and sincere attitude really put me at ease through some of the difficult details of my case. In the end, I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Thank you for everything!

Ryan Very satisfied

To start off, Von Dohlen is a great lawyer who represented me with pride and strategy. When I spoke with this man I could tell he practically lives in the Courthouse. His insight on the law and how it works really secured my doubts about hiring him. right off the bat, he understood the issues I was having and he knew how to combat them in a respectful informative manner. Lawyers have a bad rep of acting sheisty, but working with Von Dohlen and going over strategies with him really made me feel like I chose the right man for the job. In the beginning of the lawsuit, he gave me several options on how to proceed which I must say were all viable options. He explained to me in great detail what those options would intel (how the opposing counsel would respond and his opinon on court rulings). As my case would develop I never once felt like I did not know what was happening with my case. He was informative and his staff was very friendly. There would be times I would call his office for a case update (after receiving an update the day before) and he never seemed frustrated or irritated. He would always assure me that I was in good hands and I would not have to worry about a thing. His services were very inexpensive which made the whole lawsuit a lot smoother for me. Towards the end of the case, where real negotiations would take place he would lay out the offer from the opposing counsel and give great insight on what I should do. Von Dohlen is definitely not afraid to go back and forth with opposing counsel in negotiations, mediation, or in the courtroom. Overall he handled my case with great pride and integrety. I never once felt like I was at a loss by retaining him for his services.

anonymous Attentive Lawyer

Robert was very easy to deal with. When dealing with previous attorneys, I found them non responsive, Robert was absolutely the opposite even responding on weekends and evenings. I felt like he actually cared about me and how I faired in this matter and was not just looking for money. I have already recommended him twice and will continue to do so.

Monty Tricky Civil Matter

Robert was very attentive to my needs and always available and responsive when I needed him. Finalized my divorce issues faster than I ever anticipated. Couldn’t be more satisfied and grateful.

Bart K. Exceptional job handling my divorce and child custody

I have consulted with Mr. Von Dohlen on both insurance law matters and family law matters and find him to be knowledgeable, smart and having a practicable approach to resolution. I highly recommend him.

Erin Smart and Practicable

Worked closely with all involved to ensure a fair and amicable as possible divorce agreement.

Daniel Knows The Law

I have used Mr. Von Dohlen for several legal matters, and I’ve always received sound advice. He is knowledgeable and compassionate. I highly recommend his firm.

Karen Excellent lawyer

In what was possibly the most stressful event to ever take place in my fifty (50) years of existence, I cannot imagine where I could have selected a better legal representative than Robert Von Dohlen. This attorney removes the ambiguity from the divorce process. He has a quiet and calm approach to his handling of both the proceeding and client interaction. This becomes extremely important and helpful given the dynamic and often time painful process. If you are going through through the divorce process and need quality representation, I would highly recommend this attorney. In closing there were several occasions where the apposing council attempted to drag out the process so that more billing could be achieved, but this is not the business philosophy of the Von Dohlen Law Firm. I could go on for hours praising this attorney and the kindness and compassion that was continuously shown but i won’t. I will leave it at that. He is amazing and I would highly recommend Robert as you will not find a better representation at any price.

Chris My Legal Experience with Robert Von Dohlen

Robert advised our family after my mother’s abrupt passing. He gave us advice on how to navigate the complexities of dealing with her belongings and financial affairs. His compassion in our time of need was appreciated. We can always count on Robert to be in touch the latest legal trends and information. I’ve known Robert personally for nearly twenty years. No one brings a higher standard of ethics and conduct to legal practice. I highly recommend Attorney Robert Von Dohlen for your legal needs. He’ll get the job done.

Scott Professional, accurate legal counsel

Even in what is a stressful life event, Robert is personable and easy to talk to. He provided sound advice and I always felt like he always had my best interest – not the bottom line – in mind.

Hope No stress

I have consulted with Robert on a couple of occasions relating to tenant’s rights. He was helpful and knowledgeable.

Miles Reliable consult

A few months back we had a landlord issue that luckily, because of Robert, didn’t turn into a huge legal battle in court! Robert really listen to our issues and problems and helps us through the entire legal process of taking care of the issue! We highly recommend using Robert!

Susan Great Advise!

I had the opportunity to work as co-counsel with Robert, and I was impressed with his knowledge, experience and insight. He cares deeply about his clients and works diligently to protect their interests. I highly recommend him.

Lucy Great Attorney

Mr. Von Dohlen represented me for a divorce in 2017. When I first contacted him and informed him I am active duty, he immediately responded with an offer to take my case. We began immediately developing a strategy that fit in to my life as a military member. In the end the divorce was completed with virtually zero head ache. Very professional and would absolutely recommend his services!


I recently found myself in a situation where I needed a divorce attorney. I have a young child and I need to ensure my interests were protected in this unfortunate event. I contacted Mr. Von Dohlen and explained my concerns. He was very helpful in our initial communication and help guide me through a few next steps even though I did not retain his services immediately. Robert contacted me the following morning to check up on me to see how I was doing. At no point was he soliciting services and was genuine in concern. After another lengthy conversation, I knew he was the attorney I wanted to represent me. Through the entire process, Robert was very responsive and easy to get a hold of when needed. He worked with me and kept me informed (in ways I could understand) through the entire process. I am very appreciative of Robert, as I have a more than successful experience in my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Robert Von Dohlen. My hope is that I will never need his services again; however, should something come up down the road in my situation, he will be my first call.

BrentVery Appreciative of Mr. Robert Von Dohlen

Robert handled my suit with urgency and professionalism. He walked me through the lawsuit as if I was his most important client. When we walked out of the courtroom, I was proud that he was my attorney.

anonymous Excellent Work

Mr Robert Von Dohlen, was professional and responded to my questions and concerns promply. Going thru a divorce is a difficult time and glad to have completed the process in a logical and efficient manner.


My case is a commercial insurance claim. I do not understand why the insurance likes to make very little bit thing hard… I am very sorry for the insurance industry. I am happy with Robert. He gets more money for me than I expected. And another good thing I like his is that he returns email very quick.

anonymous I will recommend Robert

Robert was very helpful in getting my sister and I the money we needed to get back on our feet after our ceiling collapsed and our renters insurance refused to help. He worked hard to advocate on our behalf and helped guide us through the stressful process. Not only was he able to get us some settlement money from the Insurance company, but he was also able to get us into a bigger, better apartment at the same price we were paying for our smaller apartment.
I came across Mr. von Dohlen while seeking advice on how to handle the situation. I was speaking with another attorney and the attorney provided me Mr. von Dohlen’s information stating that he was the best person to handle my situation.
I was not disappointed!

Angela Gets the job done!

I am extremely fortunate to have Robert von Dohlen as my attorney. He has been patient, informative and always very professional. His experience as an insurance adjustor has provided invaluable insight. His calm demeanor has helped to diffuse the unavoidable frustrations that go hand-in-hand with a slow legal system that seems to always throw a curve ball at you. He knows all the games and tactics that the other side will come at you with, and it helps to know what’s coming down the pipeline. Robert has also been extremely helpful in guiding me through other insurance related issues that are not directly involved with litigation.

Vince Outstanding service and professionalism

Attorney Von Dohlen. Can’t agree any more with those who provided five star reviews here. Stellar work, unbeatable service, really walks you through the process in layman’s terms.

Highly recommended for anyone involved in an insurance claim. He will take good care of you! Extremely nice guy and hardworking, gets to the point, and gets it done quickly.

T Kurian

Our lawyer was very helpful in every way. He was courteous and punctual. He was always able to answer any and all questions we had. Overall, we were completely satisfied with him.

LARRY Excellent

Mr. Von Dohlen handled our matter with the utmost professionalism and expediency. He kept us updated to any status changes and we could not be more pleased with our outcome. I am certain that we would not have achieved the outcome we did without his help. We are generally leary of attorneys, and I have two in my family, but he came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Would and have recommended him to others.

LaNett great customer service

Mr. Robert Werner Von Dohlen, was excellent in handling my case with the adjusters and insurance company. He was thorough and very informative. I would recommend him to everyone.
Thank You Again!!


We had a water loss occur in our home at Christmas of 2013. We filed a claim with our carrier who was being nasty and difficult with us throughout the claim. We reached an impasse and I invoked the appraisal clause of the policy. I hired a public appraiser, and a court appointed umpire was assigned to review the appraisal. The appraisal came out quite well in our favor, but the insurance carrier decided not to pay the entire award, so we were left with the choice of either accepting a partial payment of the appraisal award or finding an attorney to sue the carrier.

I contacted 5 different insurance lawyers in Houston, and most all of them were basically uninterested in my case because it wasn’t “big” enough. This is where Robert Von Dohlen came in. I contacted his office and he actually listened to what was going on, and seemed genuinely interested in my case and said he would handle the case on a contingency basis.

He took the time to understand what had happened, got all of the information from me, and then filed the law suit. The insurance carrier decided to settle immediately, and even after the contingency amount was taken out, I actually received MORE than the insurance company had withheld from the appraisal award.

If you are a Houston homeowner and have a similar troubling experience with your insurance company, I would strongly recommend you contact Robert Von Dohlen as the results he produced for us were outstanding.

JoshuaHouston Insurance Lawyer Robert Von Dohlen - Excellent Service!