Houston, TX
Robert Von Dolen represented me in my divorce and he did an outstanding job. Under a very difficult court, Court 507, he maintained his professionalism in all matters. He did filings in a timely manner and continued to try and get action from the court. I would recommend Robert Von Dolen to represent you in your divorce as long as the divorce is not in the District Court 507. It appears that those particular judges have issues with his law firm as a divorce between two over 60 people only married for 5 years with no children; should not have taken 15 months. Robert could not get the court to make a decision and that was not his fault. He argued to move the case along however the judges used all manner and reasons to delay until he had the court in a corner and they had to sign the decree. Robert has continued to handle issues in this matter to include filing a QDRO It was done timely and efficiently I would recommend Robert to my friends