Houston, TX
We had a water loss occur in our home at Christmas of 2013. We filed a claim with our carrier who was being nasty and difficult with us throughout the claim. We reached an impasse and I invoked the appraisal clause of the policy. I hired a public appraiser, and a court appointed umpire was assigned to review the appraisal. The appraisal came out quite well in our favor, but the insurance carrier decided not to pay the entire award, so we were left with the choice of either accepting a partial payment of the appraisal award or finding an attorney to sue the carrier. I contacted 5 different insurance lawyers in Houston, and most all of them were basically uninterested in my case because it wasn’t “big” enough. This is where Robert Von Dohlen came in. I contacted his office and he actually listened to what was going on, and seemed genuinely interested in my case and said he would handle the case on a contingency basis. He took the time to understand what had happened, got all of the information from me, and then filed the law suit. The insurance carrier decided to settle immediately, and even after the contingency amount was taken out, I actually received MORE than the insurance company had withheld from the appraisal award. If you are a Houston homeowner and have a similar troubling experience with your insurance company, I would strongly recommend you contact Robert Von Dohlen as the results he produced for us were outstanding.