Cedar Park, TX
In what was possibly the most stressful event to ever take place in my fifty (50) years of existence, I cannot imagine where I could have selected a better legal representative than Robert Von Dohlen. This attorney removes the ambiguity from the divorce process. He has a quiet and calm approach to his handling of both the proceeding and client interaction. This becomes extremely important and helpful given the dynamic and often time painful process. If you are going through through the divorce process and need quality representation, I would highly recommend this attorney. In closing there were several occasions where the apposing council attempted to drag out the process so that more billing could be achieved, but this is not the business philosophy of the Von Dohlen Law Firm. I could go on for hours praising this attorney and the kindness and compassion that was continuously shown but i won’t. I will leave it at that. He is amazing and I would highly recommend Robert as you will not find a better representation at any price.