Cedar Park, TX
To start off, Von Dohlen is a great lawyer who represented me with pride and strategy. When I spoke with this man I could tell he practically lives in the Courthouse. His insight on the law and how it works really secured my doubts about hiring him. right off the bat, he understood the issues I was having and he knew how to combat them in a respectful informative manner. Lawyers have a bad rep of acting she is ty, but working with Von Dohlen and going over strategies with him really made me feel like I chose the right man for the job. In the beginning of the lawsuit, he gave me several options on how to proceed which I must say were all viable options. He explained to me in great detail what those options would intel (how the opposing counsel would respond and his opinon on court rulings). As my case would develop I never once felt like I did not know what was happening with my case. He was informative and his staff was very friendly. There would be times I would call his office for a case update (after receiving an update the day before) and he never seemed frustrated or irritated. He would always assure me that I was in good hands and I would not have to worry about a thing. His services were very inexpensive which made the whole lawsuit a lot smoother for me. Towards the end of the case, where real negotiations would take place he would lay out the offer from the opposing counsel and give great insight on what I should do. Von Dohlen is definitely not afraid to go back and forth with opposing counsel in negotiations, mediation, or in the courtroom. Overall he handled my case with great pride and integre ty. I never once felt like I was at a loss by retaining him for his services.