Drama-Free Houston Divorce Solutions

Every divorce is unique. Perhaps you have a sizable retirement account you want to protect, circumstances that complicate child support needs, or complex property division needs. At Von Dohlen Law Firm, our years of experience put us in a position to find effective solutions and strategies for every client.


Divorce is the complete termination of the marriage agreement. While it seems clear-cut and straightforward, it’s a complex legal situation that involves the dissolution of the marriage, division of assets and debts, and custody arrangements for minor children. In the divorce cases we take on, our goal is to ensure the best outcome for our clients without escalating the situation or acting out of vengeance.

Child Support

Texas courts use a basic formula for determining child support. The formula is based on how many children the divorcing couple has and the net resources available. Courts also consider how parenting time is split, other expenses assumed by parents, and if there are extenuating circumstances related to the child’s well being. The standard amount may be changed in certain situations—for example, when a child has significant healthcare needs or costly hobbies that are needed to maintain the child’s quality of life.

Child Custody

Although Texas uses the term “conservatorship” in lieu of “custody,” custody is a more widely understood term. In Texas, it’s generally assumed that the child should maintain the same general quality of life they experienced before the divorce. Von Dohlen Law Firm works in the best interests of the child to ensure that they grow up in a safe and healthy environment. We understand that this is often the most emotional part of divorce for parents, and we work to develop a fair custody and visitation schedule.

Property Division

Property and asset division is the area of greatest risk for many who are considering a divorce. We want what you want: a fair and reasonable division of the marital assets as quickly and direct as possible.  


Depending on the circumstances of your marriage, one partner may have a reasonable right to spousal support or maintenance  (also known as alimony.) With your specific situation in mind, we’ll guide you to a fair and reasonable outcome.


Ideally, divorce cases should be resolved via mediation and fair, open communication. Going this route can help reduce both sides’ court fees, save time, and ease the mental strain of the divorce process. We work on behalf of our clients to seek a positive outcome through mediation. Should mediation fail, we don’t try to force clients to take a bad settlement just to tie up the case—we do recommend going to court if needed.

Divorce and Taxes

The 2019 tax overhaul significantly changed the impact of tax laws in divorce. While we strive to help clients get the best possible outcome with their tax situation in mind, our firm does not offer direct tax advice.


Dividing retirement assets in divorce can be complicated. Many factors come into play, including current legislation, timing of the deposits into the accounts, and whether or not community assets were used to fund the accounts. The internet is awash in misinformation regarding retirement accounts and divorce. Our experience in dealing with retirement accounts can help you avoid the pitfalls of either settling for too little or giving up too much of a hard-earned retirement nestegg. 

Small Business Owners

Business ownership complicates divorce in a variety of ways. It can be difficult to determine a company’s financial value and how to divide it. In some circumstances, partners may try to hide assets in a business entity. We use our experience in this area to prevent this from happening and ensure that you get the fair settlement you deserve.

Whether you have a relatively simple divorce case or there are so many extenuating circumstances that you don’t even know where to begin, a consultation with Von Dohlen Law Firm can help you better understand your options. To schedule a consultation, contact us today!