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Mindful Dissolution: 10 Tips to Help Couples Minimize and Defuse Conflict During a Divorce

It’s difficult to imagine a more contentious family situation than a divorce. People experience a range of highly intense emotions, and division of marital assets such as real estate, bank accounts, pensions, and even personal possessions can arouse feelings of anxiety and resentment.

As an experienced Texas family law firm, we understand completely. This is why we’ve published a special report that can help you and your spouse minimize and defuse conflict throughout the divorce process from beginning to end.

We reveal:

  • How to take a healthier approach to your relationship during the divorce
  • Strategies that will turn you and your spouse into partners toward a better future instead of adversaries
  • Ways to take care of your own psychological and emotional well-being
  • And more!

To download your complimentary copy, click the button below and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have questions or need assistance filing for divorce in Texas, schedule a confidential consultation with the Von Dohlen Law Firm today.

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