Military Family Law

Your Military Family Law Resource in Houston, Texas

The Von Dohlen Law Firm has handled many military family law situations for service members and their spouses in Texas. As a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and Texas Air National Guard, Attorney Robert Von Dohlen has a deep and practical understanding of the challenges that family law situations represent for members of the military.

Military Divorce

Military divorce has requirements and procedures that civilian divorces typically do not. For example, laws protect active duty service personnel from being held in default for a non-immediate response to a divorce action, and the state you file in may actually affect the successful division of a military pension.

Other laws specific to military divorce include:

  • Spousal support and child support cannot exceed 60% of a military service member’s pay
  • Retirement benefits will not be awarded to a non-military spouse unless they were married for a minimum of 10 years while the service member spouse was on active duty.
  • Some military income is tax-free, making income calculation for support purposes difficult

Military Child Custody and Support

When a military parent receives orders to relocate, it can affect custody of their children as well as the child support agreement. We can work with you to modify any existing support or custody agreement so that it fairly and appropriately reflects the new circumstances.

Other military family law matters we handle include:

  • Spousal support
  • Wage garnishments for back child support
  • Retirement pension division
  • QDROs (qualified domestic relations orders)

We are ready to assist you with a wide range of military family law issues that you may face. To schedule a consultation, call (713) 443-6730 or contact our office online today.