Child Support & Modification/Enforcement

Supporting Your Child—And You

Once a Texas court establishes a child support order, only a court-approved modification due to material and substantial change of circumstances can alter your obligation to follow it. Unless a non-paying parent receives a modification, he/she can be subjected to enforcement proceedings.

Modifying a Child Support Agreement

Circumstances can and do change during the time that passes after a divorce. If your new situation makes a current child support agreement unworkable, it is possible to obtain a court-ordered modification that accurately and fairly reflects your personal or professional situation.

Examples of such circumstances include:

  • Changes in the child’s financial needs
  • Changes in either parent’s income
  • Relocation of either parent
  • The custodial parent’s remarriage

If you are seeking to modify your child support agreement or your former spouse is pursuing a modification that would adversely affect you, Robert Von Dohlen will diligently protect your rights.

Enforcing A Child Support Agreement

When your former spouse is refusing to obey a child support order, Texas law provides legal processes to compel payment, such as:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Interception of unemployment insurance and tax refunds
  • Property execution
  • Lien filing
  • Suspension of one’s driver’s license

If these administrative measures fail to achieve results, we may apply to the court to enforce a child support order by issuing money judgments for arrears and even ordering probation or a jail sentence for the noncustodial parent.

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