Child Custody & Visitation Modification/Enforcement

When Your Life Changes, We Help You and Your Children Adapt and Thrive

In Texas, the primary concern during the formation of a custody arrangement is the best interests of the children. When deciding what outcome is the most beneficial for them, the court considers factors like the following:

  • Each parent’s ability to meet the children’s emotional needs and ability to foster a positive relationship between the children and the other parent
  • Each parent’s financial resources and work schedule
  • Physical and mental health of each parent
  • Current living situations and child care arrangements

Unless there are reasons to do otherwise, courts will order an appropriate amount of visiting time to the parent who does not receive custody.

After an order is issued, however, sometimes they need to be modified or enforced.

Modifying A Child Custody or Visitation Agreement

Change is a fact of life. When your situation experiences a substantial and permanent change, your existing custody or visitation agreement may need to be modified to reflect the new circumstances. Common examples include:

  • A change in the needs of the child
  • Parental relocation
  • Paternity matters

The Von Dohlen Law Firm can help you modify your custody or visitation plan to match your current lifestyle.

Visitation Enforcement

Visitation agreements make it possible for noncustodial parents to spend time with their children. When the custodial parent tries to obstruct that opportunity, the other parent has the right to enforce the terms of the agreement. Alternatively, if the noncustodial parent routinely keeps the children past the allotted time period, their behavior may need to be addressed in court.

If your personal situation has changed to the extent that the existing child custody or visitation order is no longer feasible, contact the Von Dohlen Law Firm at (713) 443-6730. We will assist you in obtaining a new agreement that better matches the current realities of your life.