Helping You Grow Your Family

Many Texas couples seek to grow their family via adoption. The Von Dohlen Law Firm takes genuine pride in assisting you with the following situations so that you may welcome your new son or daughter into your lives without delays or complications.

Placement Adoptions

If you are seeking to adopted a child via a licensed Texas adoption agency or the Texas Department of Family and Corrective Services, there is usually a rigorous pre-screening process and, in some cases, a state-mandated licensing requirement. We will advise you on how to meet the requirements of whatever organization you are working with so that your adoption experience is as efficient and positive as possible.

Stepchild Adoption

When you love and want to adopt your spouse’s child from a previous marriage or relationship, we will guide you through each step required to become that child’s legal parent. Since a loving family relationship already exists, it is our privilege to help you make it a legal one as well.

Contested Adoptions

A contested adoption occurs when a biological parent objects to their child being adopted. This is seen most frequently with stepparent adoption, but can happen in other situations too. If your attempt to adopt encounters opposition from one or even both birth parents, we will guide you toward an ethical resolution of the situation.

Private Adoptions

When you and the child’s birth family meet without the involvement of an adoption agency, we advise you on what expenses you may reasonably pay and help you involve a licensed agency for expenses not covered in private adoption agreements.

Interstate Adoption

If the child’s birth family lives outside of Texas, we assist you in complying with the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, which requires that the baby’s birth state and the state where you live both approve the baby’s travel across state lines.

Recognition of Foreign Decree of Adoption

Your child’s immigration status at the time he or she was brought to the U.S. may require your foreign decree of adoption to be recognized by Texas law. We will help you determine the child’s eligibility and advise you on compliance steps if problems arise.

If you are just beginning your adoption journey and need caring, knowledgeable legal advice as you look for an agency or review adoption contracts, the Von Dohlen Law Firm is glad to help by guiding you through the entire process. From sourcing a good agency to finalizing your adoption, watching you grow your family will be one of our proudest achievements. Call us today at (713) 443-6730 to schedule a consultation.