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What Does ‘the Child’s Best Interest’ Mean During Your Divorce?

Child’s Best Interest’ Mean During Your Divorce

For many divorcing parents, child custody is the single most stressful factor in their separation. You may have heard the phrase “the child’s best interests.” Most states consider the child’s best interests when deciding custody, visitation, and child support. In Texas, judges use a variety of factors to determine the best custody arrangement for a … Read more

5 Ways Your Spouse Can Conceal Assets to Receive a Better Settlement

Conceal Assets to Receive a Better Settlement

  One of the most contentious aspects of a divorce can be the splitting of assets. The fear of financial loss during a divorce sometimes leads to a spouse taking drastic measures in an effort to “win” the divorce. Some unscrupulous spouses will stop at nothing when it comes to manipulating bank accounts, checkbooks, ledgers, … Read more

5 Reasons to Mediate Divorce

Reasons to Mediate Divorce

Most couples can benefit from a mediated divorce settlement rather than going through traditional litigation and trial in the courtroom. If you and your spouse prefer an efficient final divorce instead of slogging through months or years of punishing litigation, then mediation is probably right for you. Here are five reasons why mediation can benefit … Read more

Raising the Cap on Texas Child Support

Raising the Cap on Texas Child Support

Child Support in Texas is based on statutory presumptions. The Texas Family Code sets out presumptive guidelines for Texas courts to use in determining child support. The Texas Family Code also sets a “cap” or maximum income that can be used to determine the amount of support owed. Every six years, the state Attorney General’s … Read more

Six Steps to Create an Effective Parenting Plan After Divorce

Effective Parenting Plan After Divorce

The process of writing a parenting plan can be painful, particularly if the end of the marriage is contentious or sudden. However, when done well, a parenting plan can set clear boundaries, help children move through the divorce process with minimal confusion, and set the foundation for a productive co-parenting relationship. Specifically address the school … Read more