Understanding Termination of Parental Rights

Every child deserves committed, loving parents. But sometimes one or both parents cannot or will not provide a nurturing environment for the child. Some parents actually create dangerous or neglectful environments for kids. When that happens, the child’s interests might be best served by terminating parental rights. When a parent’s rights are terminated, the legal relationship with the child ends. A terminated parent Read More

A Brief Overview of the Stepchild Adoption Process in Texas

You’ve always had a special relationship with your wife’s children, and this bond has grown stronger over time. (In contrast, their relationship with their biological dad is practically nonexistent.) When they started calling you “Dad”, you started thinking about your commitment to them and the possibilities of stepchild adoption. There are several reasons why Texas stepparents would want to adopt a stepchild. Read More

Be the Best Dad You Can Be: 4 Ways to Adjust to the Single Dad Life

Sometimes, being a single dad feels like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. You have a lot of responsibility and at times you may worry about your child’s future. This is completely normal. Single dads may not get the same amount of media attention as single mothers, but they can excel in their role and achieve a happy and fulfilled life for themselves and their children. Look at actors Liam Read More

Encouraging Words for Divorced Men and Men About to Go Through a Divorce

We may not show it all the time, but the pain of divorce is very real for men. Some of us were married for years, others were practically newlywed when the split occurred. What we all have in common is that we’re no longer married to (or about to be divorced from) the person we thought we’d spend the rest of our lives with. This may sound like a cliche to you now, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Read More

Men, Husbands, and Fathers: Four Myths that are Bad Pieces of Advice You’ll Hear Before, During, and After a Divorce

Divorce is a time when you’re guaranteed to get bad advice from all angles. Whether the advice comes from an attempt to provide comfort or ‘just trying to help,’ men tend to give each other some pretty bad advice in dealing with divorce. Some of it comes from friends or family who have made mistakes they want to share while other “tips” may actually come from people in the legal field who really do believe in Read More

When Can I Modify a Child Support or Spousal Maintenance Order in Texas?

When a Texas court orders you to pay child or spousal support, the terms generally reflect your circumstances at the time of the divorce or legal separation. But as we all know, life can change—fast. Before long, the stipulations of your divorce agreement or the family court order are no longer compatible with your new situation. Perhaps your hours at work were reduced, you have re-married and have another child to Read More

Beware of Denied or Underpaid Insurance Claims in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey!

By the time Hurricane Harvey’s fury subsided, millions of Texas property owners sustained major losses. Stormy weather dumped over 50 inches of rain in some areas of Houston, causing heavy flooding. Along with the heavy rains there were high winds and multiple tornado reports along South and East Texas. Property analytics firm CoreLogic has predicted that homes across southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana Read More

Understanding SAPCRs in Texas

Having a child is one of life’s most rewarding and exciting experiences. Unfortunately, parenthood can also become a source of contention when a relationship ends. The parents and even other parties may vie for custody of or access to the children, a difficult situation that is generally addressed in an SAPCR, or “Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship.” Who may file a SAPCR? Most SAPCRs filed in Texas Read More

Denied or Underpaid Insurance Practices: Understanding the Texas Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Act

Damage to your home from a storm is traumatic enough. One day your lovely castle that you’ve worked so hard to pay for is looking great and protecting you from the elements… then a storm hits and the next day you’ve got damage to deal with. Maybe a hurricane tore the roof off, or maybe there’s more subtle damage - like hail damage lowering the life of the roof. When you file an insurance claim, it’s not supposed to Read More

Processing the Pain: 5 Tips to Help Your Child Get Through a Divorce

Every year, literally thousands of children experience the stress of divorce. The nature and intensity of their reaction will depend on their age, maturity, and the circumstances of their parents’ divorce, but practically all kids will experience some degree of sadness, anger, and worry. Fortunately, it is possible for you to substantially reduce their pain by making their emotional wellbeing a priority. Here are Read More