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French author and novelist Abbé Prévost once wrote that the heart of a father was a masterpiece of nature. It’s true, and today a growing number of dads are enjoying the reward of taking a more active role in their children’s lives. Here are 5 reflections on fatherhood that can help you deepen your relationship with your kids and positively shape their future.

  1. You Must Listen as Much as You Speak

Maybe your father only spoke to you when you were in trouble. Perhaps you even recoiled inside when your mother said coldly, “Your father wants to see you.” Don’t be the dad who only gets involved when your kids have misbehaved. Instead, reach out to them and show interest in their lives. When you listen to their ideas and fears, they feel understood. When you open the lines of communication while the kids are young, they’ll feel comfortable reaching out to you about sensitive matters and difficult subjects when they’re teenagers.

  1. Remember that You Are a Role Model

You may not realize it, but you are a role model to your children. A big one. You teach your son honesty, responsibility, and to respect others. Your daughter learns the same virtues and grows up believing that she is worthy of respect from boys because you treat her like the precious being that she is.

  1. Showing Affection is Important

Thankfully, the days when mothers were the only parents who hugged and showed affection to their children are gone. As a father, you are equally responsible for making your sons and daughters feel loved and wanted. Actions really do speak louder than words at times, so hug your kids every chance you get.

  1. You Are a Teacher

Teachers aren’t only in schools. As a father, you have the important responsibility of teaching your children about right and wrong, how to make good choices, and put their best effort into everything they do. Give them the benefit of your own life lessons, so that when they reach important life milestones, they make good decisions and behave responsibly.

  1. Always Mix Discipline With Love

Never approach discipline with the sole intent to punish. The goal is to establish reasonable limits and remind your children that all their actions, both good and bad, have consequences. When you discipline in a fair and controlled manner, they will understand that your act is one of love, not anger.

Dads, remember this: even after your kids grow up and leave home, they will still come to you for advice and guidance. As the years unfold you will continue to play an essential role in their lives, both personally and, eventually, as a memory.

June is the month of Father’s Day, and the Von Dohlen Law Firm would like to wish dads everywhere a long, loving, and successful relationship with their children. If you ever need legal assistance to protect your rights as a father, contact us at (713) 443-6730.

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