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5 Apps That Can Make Your Divorce Easier

Once you begin the divorce process, issues seem to come at you from every side. There are the financial aspects, the emotional side of the divorce, supporting your children through divorce, and trying to figure out a new normal with your ex. Luckily, there are apps that make this life change a little bit easier.


Many men neglect their emotional needs during divorce, choosing instead to focus on the changing financial needs of their family and issues that have a cut-and-dry solution. However, divorce can be traumatic, and it’s important to meet your emotional needs. Mend is a coaching app that helps those going through divorces or breakups, offering personalized coaching and assistance. It’s a convenient alternative to therapy for those who can’t get to the office or prefer the anonymity of technology.


Since child custody is often the most emotionally fraught topic in a divorce, keeping track of scheduled and actual parenting time is crucial. If you are frequently denied your parenting time or the other parent doesn’t use theirs, this app can help you track discrepancies. The documentation it gathers can be used if a custody issue goes to court. One feature in the app allows users to generate customized PDF reports.


Co-parenting in the midst of divorce is hard; when emotions are running high, something like sending a picture of your child getting ready for school can lead to an outburst from the other parent. App Close makes it easier to limit direct contact while still sharing important information. Both parents sign up to share a family calendar, a journal where you can jot notes about the kids, photo albums, and keep track of shared finances. The app also allows you to add other care providers, including stepparents, grandparents, and nannies. Users can export text messages, expense records, timeshare schedules, and more for their lawyer or their own personal records.


If you and your ex are prone to emotionally charged messages, this app can help you navigate this difficult period as you learn how to communicate with each other more effectively. Users get instant notifications for new messages, create and view shared events, share files and photos, and keep a private journal where they can jot notes about phone calls, pickups and drop offs, and other co-parenting events.


After you and your ex have honed your communication skills and you can talk about issues relating to your children without a fight, you may still want a family “central hub” that lets you share photos and updates in a safe environment. Family Wall is essentially a private social media network that lets you share updates with family members. This allows each parent to check out what the kids are up to when they’re with the other parent, share videos and photos, and keep track of parenting schedules via a color-coded calendar.

The right legal support makes the divorce process easier on everyone. Explore your options now and contact Von Dohlen Law Firm.

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