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Attorney Robert Von Dohlen: Focused on Finding the Right Divorce Strategy for You

There’s a lot to consider when selecting an attorney for your divorce case—how much is it going to cost? What type of approach does each attorney take to a divorce case? What do you hope to gain from the process?

Attorney Robert Von Dohlen brings a lot to the table. His interest in the legal side of the divorce led to a midlife career change. After pursuing his legal education, he opened his own law practice with the goal of helping to separate couples find effortless divorce solutions whenever possible. Robert knows the value of careful mediation and negotiation and seeks to find solutions that benefit both parties rather than rushing to litigation. Throughout the course of his career, he has handled hundreds of divorce cases, giving him the chance to further hone his strategizing skills and develop negotiation techniques for each unique situation.

On the personal side, Robert Von Dohlen brings passion for his work to every case he takes on. Having gone through more than one divorce himself, Robert knows the emotional fallout of divorce and how difficult it is to rebuild when your expectations for your life are forced to change. He understands the fear of the unknown: Will you have to give up your retirement accounts? Pay spousal support? Surrender valuable assets? How will your time with your children be affected? After finding out what matters most to you and what you hope to achieve through the divorce process, Robert will develop a plan that addresses your needs.

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